Penshoppe, the Philippine's largest domestic fast-fashion brand, sometimes encounters issues when coordinating measurements with their hundreds of distant provincial boutiques. This causes severe delays between the main office and the boutique, such as when coordinating for the roll-out of the new season's in-store graphics. Or untoward financial blunders when quoting repairs for different collaterals or fixtures.  
After interviewing the boutique staff, the issues discovered were:
 - some stores did not have a tape measure
- most users did not know how to use a tape measure..
The first point was addressed by a progressive survey, budget allocation, and roll-out tape measures to those boutiques. On future visits to the boutiques we would double check the availability of the allocated tape measure. 
The second point was addressed as part of a larger education campaign. For this segment, I drafted a general cheat sheet, a 'how-to' on using the tape measure, and reading Inches.* This was then distributed via e-mail, and discussed with store staff during succeeding visits
*to the curious, the Philippines uses both the imperial and the metric units of measure. An example, distance is in metric (km), but a person's height is in metric (ft).  

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